The 100 Prevention Clubhouse provides services for youth ages 12-17 in LaGrange that addresses some of the issues youth and the community faces:  drug and substance abuse, gang violence,  academic failure and health-related issues. 

The program provides education services using the Too Good For Drugs and Violence curriculum which teaches life skills, (setting goals, making decision, managing emotions, bonding and relationship, communication, conflict resolution, drug awareness) and provide tutoring and mentoring, community services projects, family activities, and clubhouse activities: which includes woodshop, sewing, music, arts and craft, fun games (pool, x- box, ) all in a welcoming and  learning environment. 

Participants are referred through the school system and community.  Participation is limited to children and youth who are not currently using or abusing alcohol and/or drugs and have no history of substance use or abuse diagnosis and meet one of the following criteria:  

  • Children or youth involved in ongoing detention and/or alternative school involvement in the past year. 
  • Children of youth experiencing education of social issues that would make them at high risk for substance abuse issues. 
  • Children of youth whose parent(s) have current addiction issues or have been treated for addiction. 
  • Children who have siblings currently receiving treatment for substance use disorder.

The Prevention Clubhouse Program operates  during the school year and offers a summer program.  Operation hours are Monday- Friday and Saturday's as selected.