I enjoyed being in the clubhouse program.  It helped me to change my attitude and encourage me to achieve my goals.  I learned about  life skills and drug prevention.  The program  helped me not to do drugs because drugs are a no win situation.  I will encourage youth to the program.

Zyquavious Favors

As a single parent, this program was very beneficial for me and my son.  It gave my him the opportunity to explore new and different places.  It provided him with outstanding male role models which enabled him to become more secure of himself, build stronger social skills, and prepare him more adequately for not only school but life as well.  I am very pleased at the results of this program.  I wish it could lasts for the rest of his years in school.  I do know the seeds this program plants will reap an abundant harvest in our community.

Penny Talley

As a parent, the program have provided not only for my child but also support for me.  The staff goes the extra mile to make sure the youth gets the best educational values they need.  I'm very thankful that my child was eligible for the program and I will continue to support the program.

Linda Harris

I've enjoyed being in the clubhouse program. I have meet new friends and learned a lot about drugs and learned new skills that will help me in life.   One of my most self improvements was learning how to speak in front of my peers at the center and in the public.  When I started the program I was very shy.  By learning many communication techniques I have improved my ability to speak in front of a crowd and also communicate with my parent about things that are brothering me. I would encourage youth to attend the program.

Jazerion Harris

I've enjoyed being involved as a parent and volunteer at the prevention clubhouse program. I have had the opportunity to share my wisdom with the youth and the staff, chaperone on various field trips and assist in family activities.  My child has received academic enrichment life skills, positive reinforcement of the values that he is taught at home and he has been exposed to aspects of this country's culture that he probably would not have been unless he was in the prevention clubhouse program. I would tell other parents and youth about the program.

Janette Turner  

I was five years old when I started in the prevention program held at the LaGrange Housing Authority. It's been a wonderful journey through the years.  Now that I'm a senior and graduating soon the program helped me by providing me with the life skills I need to succeed in the future, and encouraged me to stay in school and not do drugs.  The staff are really nice and helpful.  I would recommend the program to other youth.

Moesha Truitt